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AoxVPN provides free VPN service for global users. To cover the server cost of free locations, we provide advertisement inside app for free users, as below screenshot.

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What are the requirements and policies for displaying advertisements from AoxVPN?
We strive to support a healthy digital advertising ecosystem—one that's trustworthy and transparent, and works for users, advertisers, and publishers. Please contact us via @Xiaoniuvpn for more details.
How can a client determine if the traffic originates from AoxVPN?
We will provide data to clients. For more details, please contact us at @Xiaoniuvpn, and our team will provide you with the required information.
What is the duration for which advertisements are shown on AoxVPN?
The duration of the display will be tailored to meet the specific needs of the user.
Is it necessary for clients to furnish any content or graphics?
Clients have the option to either supply graphics that meet our size requirements or allow the AoxVPN team to create graphics.
What are the payment conditions?
Please get in touch with us through Telegram at @Xiaoniuvpn, and we will calculate the cost based on your specific requirements.
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